About us

Are you an Indian national enrolled in full-time study at a Scottish University? Are you interested to connect with a company for a Masters project or a Job opportunity in India or outside the UK?

If your answer is Yes, then read on...

For the first-time ever, you now have the opportunity to connect with a company for your masters’ project and/or Job opportunities. ScotsHunt makes this possible through its network with corporates in India and elsewhere.

This is exclusively offered to all Indian students enrolled in Scottish Universities for the 2017-18 academic year.

What we do

  1. Assist you as an Indian student currently enrolled in a Scottish University to connect with an Indian corporate for a Masters project in a subject area of your interest.
  2. We share your project information and area of interest to our ever-growing network of companies in India and elsewhere - and look for a match
  3. We share your profile for possible placements with companies within our network. Interested companies will get in touch with you directly
  4. We only make connections. We play no part in brokering deals. Any paid or unpaid project or full-time job placement you may agree is entirely between you and the company


What we don’t do

  1. We do not guarantee any project or jobs. We simply connect you to project and job opportunities.
  2. We do not broker any deals for project or job placements. We do not get financial benefits from either you or the corporate for this service.
  3. We do not connect with companies in the UK. This is the role of the career office in your respective University. We simply connect you with Indian corporates who are beyond the remit and reach of your career office.

How do we match?

We carefully consider your career interests before we connect with a corporate, be it for projects or job placements. To get the best from our service, you need to prepare the following information carefully before completing the online CV for registration with ScotsHunt.

You need at least three choices for your project proposals to be able to submit:

  • Project subject area; for example: Sales and marketing, Finance, Human Resources, etc
  • Industry focus areas; for example: Interested in undertaking the project in an automobile industry, IT and ITES, Oil & Gas, etc

We have aligned with our corporate partners by categorizing subject areas and industries according to the below fields. Carefully choose the one most suited to your project or career interest. This is an important decision as it is likely to shape the rest of your career future. We urge you to make it wisely, with full consideration.

Why Join us? - For students

We exist to help you pitch your talent to as wide a network of destination employers in India as possible. As Scottish degree holders, you are part of a very select group of excellently qualified and well appreciated experts who have been playing an important role in India’s economy for centuries. The most dynamic corporates in India appreciate the career professionalism that you bring. Our aim is to ensure the richest possible exchange between you and the opportunity for your degree expertise and talent in the Indian career marketplace. All we ask is that you register in full seriousness with us. We work hard to make career connections and to earn the respect of India’s top corporates in so doing. We want to bring our focus to graduates committed to building a stellar career for themselves.

We work while you study

Once you have registered with us, you can focus on your studies in full confidence that ScotsHunt is working away at connecting you to powerful career openings.

Why Join us? - For corporates

ScotsHunt provides you with a unique complement to your usual ways of recruiting top tier global talent because we:

  1. Showcase you as a company to the research faculty of Scottish Universities as well as to Indian students graduating from Scotland.
  2. Encourage strategic relationships between yourself and Scottish centres of research excellence as appropriate to the benefit of both. This means you can benefit from engaging Indian students with world class Scottish faculty oversight on projects of strategic interest to you.

We believe the connection to Scottish research capability confers strategic competitive advantage. Therefore, we carefully monitor our corporate relationships by research sector to ensure we do not dilute this advantage for our partners.

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